Truckers and Courier Drivers Unite to Help Pensioner

hands placing label on parcel for urgent deliveryHarry had been a courier driver a few years ago before his foot started giving him trouble. Since he was already retired while he was working as a part time courier driver we knew he was doing so to make ends meet. He was too proud to ask help from anyone and spent few hours every day shuttling important documents and letters from one place to another.

However his career as a courier driver was to come to an abrupt end as soon as he started getting arthritic pain in his knees which made doing daily chores let alone driving a car almost seem impossible. As it goes without saying out of sight is out of mind we lost touch and years flew by.

Unhappy News

It was only a few days ago while I was preparing to leave for work when I got a call from one of the other courier drivers who worked for the same service which I did. He asked me if I had a few minutes to spare, alarmed by the sadness in his voice I told him to go ahead with whatever he wanted to talk about. He told me that Harry was quite ill and had a rare tumor called cholesteatoma in his ear which needed to be removed and which was causing problems for him and was a cause of real concern because Harry was suffering from vertigo.

The problem was that Harry was on a pension and didn’t have any other source of income to help him go forward with the operation. It had been decided that all those who had worked with Harry once or came across him as an acquaintance would pitch in a few of their earnings to help him with his finances and which would also help pay the hospital bills.

Truckers And Couriers Unite

As soon as I came to know of Harry I thought of how selfish I had been and lost touch with a man who at that time had been a good friend. I vowed to help him somehow and decided to get in touch with my girlfriend and her Alma matter. They were a bunch of good girls who were often donating to one charity or another. As soon as Sara got my message she vowed to send a sizeable sum as soon as possible, meanwhile I also decided to contact a few truckers who used to work with Harry.

To my surprise I got a positive response from just about everyone, it’s when things like these happen that you come to know about the goodness which resides in people’s hearts.

By word of mouth most of our fellow truck drivers and courier guys were able to collect a sizeable amount in donation and went to present Harry with the check and get well soon card signed by each and every one of his mates. Harry was so misty eyed, the look on his face made me want to shed a tear or two as well.

Anyways Harry had the operation and is doing quite well!

Production Line Saved By Same Day Courier Delivering Vital Part

parcelThe raw materials supplies had arrived on time and the production line in are delayed by a few good hours, because an essential part of the machinery had failed to function properly. Since it’s a known fact that even a few hours delay can result in massive loss of profits for a company, it is essential that the production line continues to work efficiently. A standstill only predicts disaster and has to be avoided at all costs.

In Crisis

This was a situation which was encountered by a big textile mill located in England. The raw material supplies had arrived on time but one of the essential parts of regular machinery had failed to function properly. And it was necessary to start production on the very same day because they were already behind schedule and losing more than a few hours could result in penalties and also loss of reputation for the company involved.

The Hitch

The main problem was that another spare part was not handy and had to be delivered all the way from London. It was a known fact that during working days the traffic jams make it almost impossible to go and get stuff and also be back in time.

It was very important that all the material was produced well before the other day because this was a part of an emergency order which the company was supposed to deliver the very next day.

Three Cheers For The Same Day Courier Service

It was then decided to get help from a private courier service which in the past had delivered many important supplies and documents for the company. The courier service was supposed to pick up the spare part from a similar factory in London and deliver it in as little time possible.

It was simply a matter of a few hours as promised by the courier guy and all the people had to simply wait and watch as precious minutes ticked past. In a little while (though while waiting it seemed as if ages had passed) the management could see the courier van making its way down the bumpy road and were soon handed over the vital part without which it would have been almost impossible for the production line in to take place.

So the day was saved by the same day courier service without which’s speedy service it would have been impossible to get the work started on time. Hence the material was delivered on time and a major problem was averted!